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Pepper let out a choked sob when she saw her son, laid out like this. You can take it off for a few seconds at a time, but if this monitor she taps on one of the screens starts beeping, it goes back on, understand?. Definitely a more emotional offering but so well done. Youve got like, food poisoning or something., Peter shakes his head. Tony wakes up at the bottom of a bomb shelter with a concussed Peter next to him, their only means of escape being a hatch 40 feet directly above them. He whipped around as fast as possible and crossed the distance between them in two bounds, kicking the guy so hard he flew down Houston about three blocks before slamming into a building. He had a feeling that they were connected. Peter then took out his hearing aids and walked away. Wrap Me Up And Hold Me Close by @spider-man-stan. not breathing right! "Peter! And then to make matter worse, Bucky had been triggered and forgotten who anyone was. Does that seem fair to you?" What, did I scare your poor little spider-butt? Tonys voice sounded amused, but Peter could hear the sounds of explosions and faint screaming through the audio feed. Whatever. But hey, he's just a useless lonely orphan no one loves, right Flash? "Of, sorry my moms calling me. Ned snorts. Hours? 16. Work Search: Peter has never been one to run from a fight, even without his suit. Holy crap, Peter breathed. Ten minutes and two and a half apples later, they turn around yet another bend in the path and arrive at a three-way crossroads. The apples, Peter throws in, making a finger gun. Nope. Just feel weird, Ned wrinkles his brow at him. Peter frantically raced back to Captain America and checked the dazed but conscious Avenger for any new bullet wounds on his spangled suit. 7. Please just help Peter." We cant get to you easily. -. mind the tags!). Friday, track Peters suit, and his phone, he directed. Just yesterday, Peter was trying to get him to drop the kid moniker, and now hed been upgraded to sweetheart? The accent was American, a dry, sarcastic lilt to it, and, yep, thats definitely Black Widow. Snot asthma, Peter protests. "Shit, uh, can I? The door burst open. he started to think he was loosing too much blood because everything was begging to go back, though that also could have just been more rubble falling on him too. Thank you! Peter needs me. Injured Peter Parker. Dont fight the ventilator, Tony instructs. You brought butter?. Second, this does get dark in some places. KID! tony grunted and a slam sound echoed in peters ear, unless its life threatening i dont wanna hear it! 4. Just then the monitor starts beeping loudly and Peter realizes hes had the mask off too long. I recommend tearing the suit to form a makeshift splint until the ambulance arrives in 4.3 minutes." Lets just get out of here man.. I'm not a kid. He glanced behind himself, spotting another water tower (why did Manhattan apartments have so many?) he did his best to keep calm and regulate his breathing, but the multiple burn wounds and the pole sticking out of his leg didnt really help. Peter forces himself to open his eyes. Peter tries to smile through the mask but settles for another thumbs up. It goes to hell in a hand basket. Natasha grinned. look spider-man we are a little busy as you probably can tell. He tries to figure out how this all happened and how he got there in the first place, and he wonders if a suspicious sorcerer had something to do with it.___. Wait, you dont have laser vision, do you? Dizziness filled his mind, nausea in his belly. Peter didnt catch the beans, Well, to be fair, Peter points out, his voice significantly more nasally than usual due to the wad of paper towels hes pressing to his heavily bleeding nose, you didnt really warn me you were about to chuck a can of beans at my head., But I did! the six-year-old defends. Peters jelly laid forgotten once Tony left. Hey, guys! Couldnt- couldnt stay- awake. Call Mstr Stark, he gasps out. I've got quick healing, and am already back at studying for my physics final." Between dodging apples from Flash, he recalls hearing the farmer explain something about how they had just sprayed all the crops that morning. Peter accidentally takes Steves emergency pills that are designed to make him sick in case of poisoning. What does Captain America not have that you dont? Unluckily, the Avengers dont realise how bad of a state Peter is in, and Peter isnt inclined to tell them. Aliens are beginning to swarm him and in the overwhelming panic that begins to consume, he does the only thing he can think of. As he races closer, Tony winces at the knowledge that Peter had to have already hit the pavement that he was too late. Well, Im like, right next to him, so, As Peter spoke, Steve Rogers groaned and tried to move, but the rubble on his legs prevented him from going anywhere. I think Coach Wilson is ready to get started.. You werent breathing! She wasnt expecting this, "Hes pretty sure he died, and then he wakes up again in a lab as one of the illegal experimental test subjects (hopefully not, but most likely yes), in a broken-in lab underground in the sewers. Cue Tony and Steve spending a night on the bathroom floor with a very pukey Peter Parker. He loathed them with every bone in his body. He's my boyfriend. Thats it. On your knees! He snapped. Parental Obligations bywanderinghooves- Peter gets sick while May is out of town, and responsibility falls to Tony. What had changed in the span of twenty-four hours? Wheres your inhaler? he asks immediately. "Yeah, uh my phone number is 9173434273." Whats some good Peter whump stories youve read recently? He points a shaky finger at the tube and makes a questioning face. The stranger loomed over him, with a smile. College student Peter Parker is poor. Well get it out soon, bud, dont worry, Tony promises. Should I call May? "Deadpool? I currently like Air I Breathe! Hm?! Hey! Peter protested at the same time that Tony said, This is Spider-Man. Peter continued with his totally justified complaint. Huge kudos to Hella for very patiently teaching me how to code the HTML. So when he stood up for himself, you took that as the it's alright to try and murder him!?" Super well-done whump, especially in how Peters brain fuzziness is portrayed, and with a big focus on the recovery aspect. Racing down the hall, Tony noted that the alarm and flashing lights were all over the compound and that the rest of the Avengers team were on their way to the conference room as well. Part 5 of Not Your Average Family. Peter can immediately tell something is wrong, his senses dialed up so wildly that he cant focus on anything, barely feeling like hes moving forward on the sidewalk as he tries to reach the Tower. Ive known since February., Wait a minute she says thoughtfully. Why is it so dark? Not Peter. "Here's who loves him: An entire NYPD precinct, the CEO of a major company, a trillionare genius who's also Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor the God of Thunder, Loki the God of Mischief, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Iron Patriot, Star Lord, the most deadly woman in the galaxy, a talking tree, a talking raccoon, Ant Man, Drax the Destroyer, Captain Marvel, The Wasp Original, The Wasp New, And I'm sure there's more we're forgetting but we have to read you your right now." Hey, put me back on the Avengers comm, wouldya? As soon as he heard the audio switch from the background to the foreground, he spoke up again. Shit! Tony pulls doit his phone and started texting. The someone rolls him to his side, letting the bile spill from his mouth onto the ground. Online. As he straightens back up to standing, he sees black spots in his vision for a second. A Latina cop in a leather jacket pulls the gun out of the webbing on the other side of the alley. you heal me like the light of day by @searchingforstarss. Flash dropped Peter, and he crumbled to the ground unconscious. Mr. He says hes dizzy., Breathing through a wave of nausea, Peter tilts the phone screen back his direction. 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and sq A story of which being Tony Stark's daughter and having powers is the definition of Chaos. What happened?! I'm a sucker for whump and/or sick fics. Peter gives a small nod of acknowledgement. Are you guys, Before Peter could say anything else, he was suddenly assaulted by an explosion of sound and voices of all the various Avengers, and he nearly released the web he was hanging from in surprise. Oh, crap!, Peter flung himself off the building, making a beeline for the fallen Captain America. Like seriously whumpy. 3. Pain in his back, his arms, like theyd been ripped from him, muscles torn apart. Flash had never been the brightest, so he continued. Because the next moment those hands were pressing down a little harder, a solid weight on his shoulder and chest.Grounding him.Youre not.. "Teach you to talk back to me." The people I like know it's real. He is en route and will be with you soon.. stitch and stitches by @searchingforstarss. Flash kept muttering to himself. That turns out to be a horrific process involving Peter being asked to cough repeatedly as the doctor pulls the catheter from his airway. Help me! They encountered that bump in the road a few years ago, and they worked through it, eventually coming out better than they went in. peter grunted as he pushed, the pole lifted and he gasped, letting go of the slab and the pole sliding down fast and welty through his leg. Pepper calls Tony, who is on his way to the office to talk him the diagnosis. He had called him 'sweetheart'. He'll freak out. Unoccupied and near him?, No one sounded an affirmative until Peter did. "I know it's real. everyone is booked. Its still a terrifying sensation to not be able to inhale for himself, but after a few seconds, he realizes that hes not dying. When he arrives, he discovers that the danger isnt exactly what he was expecting, and Peter learns that certain recreational pastimes dont have quite the same effect on him that they do on most people. Also, it turns out that Beck is still lurking in Peters mind much more than anyone realised. Police-Man." He pulled him back up and slammed his head into the lockers again and again. I can't, I can't. "Teams, Skins will be, Flash, Tom, Chris, Robert, Evan, and," Peter sucks in a breath please, he prays, not me, not me, not me, "lastly Peter." The color drains from the boys face and his eyes are filled with panic. Peter heard the whine of repulsors and Iron Man landed next to him, its metal face harshly impassive. Hey, Mr. Stark, see that empty rental place on the corner?, There are alien weapons in there. Nothing to freak out about! Have you never seen the second Harry Potter movie? Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier Nothing. He moves back out. Were gonna fix this.. Fresh off of his breakup with MJ, Peter ends up running overtime on patrols to keep himself distracted and blow off steam. And Peter nearly has a heart attack as a result. Steves brow furrowed and he brought a hand up to his forehead, as though he had a headachewhich he probably did. The room got really quiet. Its a common pesticide used in farming, but it reacted pretty badly with your mutated DNA. He sighs heavily. He shivers violently. I am unable to contact Karen, or Peter, the AI replied, sounding apologetic. 4. Give me everything you have., Karens last signal was at 3.07am. mr stark- tears fell down his bruised and battered face, blood clotted his hair and his stomach now an opened and bleeding. No, not because he's dying, so he can have a parent here, and the other can be murdering the jack ass who did this to him." Peter whirled from his half-crouch a good distance away and watched the guy from the first building charge in and roughly yank the dazed Captain America onto his feet. You don't need to be scared of me. Natalia Alianovna Romanov has bee. "Aha!" On the board, he scribbles: I never got my donut. Peter is a bit too trusting of strangers and gets himself poisoned. Michelles voice comes over the speaker, the most concerned Peter has ever heard it. He points at Peters backpack. Peter shrugs. Peter wonders if Michelle was going to watch him during tryouts - only to wonder if that would be worse, considering his inability to focus when she was around. "Well, guess what Flash? The tightness in his chest is growing steadily worse and he has to breathe faster to compensate, which is doing nothing to help his dizziness. Tony reluctantly introduces Peter to them but doesn't tell them he's Spider-man. (this one is really adorable. You're loosing a lot of blood and you need to breathe and I doubt the mask is helping." "Your pathetic ass excuse of a son tormented my son about saying he has an internship at Stark Industries, which he does as my personal intern, and the one day," Tony holds up one finger, "that my son finally says that he doesn't need your son to believe him, your son decides it's okay to break my sons nose, two of his ribs, repeatedly hit his head into his locker so much that he was bleeding and my son's locker has red streaks down it, and my son can no longer hear. Berry called out for him. I'm doing this instead of studying for my history final. Jake tears the suit and together they apply pressure to the wound. Oof, youre in luck. Are you okay?!. Laughing. Cyanide? I love whump fics, but I dont really enjoy ones that are unrealistic. Peter sustains a severe head injury on patrol and deals with the subsequent recovery. He and a few avengers had been fighting these aliens that were invading and trying to do world domination or something and one of them had caught a building in its blast. Stay with me, Mr. Stark says. He needs you. Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man PART 2. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title, 1. Peters phone is unavailable and I cannot trace its signal.. Oblivion rose up and pulled him into its grasp. He shot a web to a building across the street and soared quickly through the city. he was alone. His head is already healing, miraculously." Cap blinked dazedly up at the other Avenger. Things are moving fast all around him. The buff black man, now dubbed Terry, comes over and lifts up Peter's injured leg. Hes ready to prove hes not just some kid. No! Peter denies immediately. Ask Mr. Stark to patch me into the comms? But hes managing. Kid. Struggling to draw in breath, Tony could feel his heart pounding. Michelle huffs out a frustrated sigh. Unfortunately, Spider-Mans super-healing decides to go on holiday the same weekend that he does. Chapter 11 Plus one Asthmatic!Tony rec because its awesome: It Only Hurts (When I Breathe) byOcean_Born_Mary. Peter couldnt be dead, could he? The teacher flushed red. Like his formerly poor eyesight, the mutation had cured that particular ailment. Maybe hed feel better if he closed his eyes, just for a second. Heck, he rarely went to Brooklyn, and there wasnt even a river for him to cross to get there. The Red Room and HYDRA have united to undertake a top-secret project: Create a human spider with super human and spider-like abilities. Peter couldnt be dead, could he? When hes stabbed with nowhere to go, he limps into the lobby of Stark Industries covered in blood asking for Mr. Stark. In the past few days, the Macchina di Kadavus had gone missing, the Book of Cagliostro had been stolen, and New York City was in the middle of a city-wide blackout. The medic eyed him weirdly, probably because he was being ordered around by a spandex-clad vigilante, but he raced off in that direction anyway. Maybe you can do one of your leaps and look over the stalks, Ned suggests, gazing up at the top of the corn surrounding them. Please consider turning it on! The cops arrived. Delirious and bleeding out from a gunshot wound, Peter struggles to describe his location to a very worried Tony. He just hadnt known that bad news dressed up in red, white, and blue. When Peter comes to again, theres something down his throat. Cho then places a much less obtrusive oxygen mask over Peters face. A fanfic where Tony Stark and Pepper Stark had a kid named Peter Stark. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Well, good thing you're going to jail. "Hi! Little Peter is about to be under quite a lot of pressure, and it might get a little hard to breathe., tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, If You Can't Catch A Breath (You Can Take The Oxygen Straight Out Of My Own Chest), yo lets all get together and celebrate my babe parkrstark. I said, Ill throw down the supplies.. Theres a mask over his mouth and nose, forcing air into his lungs. Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye I'm going to have to ask you to take them out, and give them to me." Michelles bored expression is replaced with a slightly curious one. Genre: Fluffy illness/injury, whump, hurt/comfort, humor, A/N: Thanks to @xxx-cat-xxx and@sallyidss for beta-reading and to @awesomesockes for plot, summary, and title ideas <3, SoTony snaps the single use ice pack to activate the chemicals and gives it a few shakes as he moves back over to the kitchen tablewhich one of you is going to explain what happened here?, Morgan shakes her head gravely side to side. Tony flew as fast as he ever had. He starts to think he should have kept the kid home, as the night quickly descends into chaos. Whoops, he mutters before slipping it back over his mouth and nose. Go find a medic, would you, kid? When the bad guys converged on one spot, Peter knew it was bad news. Kinda hard to breathe.. In My Shawarma? Machine gun fire opened a split second after he moved, spraying the apartment building wall with bullets. Peter shakes his head again. My brown eyed girlbySparrowFlight246- After the final battle, Peter takes on the role of becoming Morgans Person. Peter mutters. There is a retail space available for lease that is giving off unusual readings. You know, its been ages since anyone sorted through the supply closet, he says casually, jerking his head towards a nearby door. byeva7673[chap 2: Cloud Fall], I feel like Im falling.The words trickled out of Peters mouth before theyd really even formed, but Tony understood them. Pepper muttered sleepily beside him, snuggling into the covers. Boss, Leeds has just been cleared by medical staff and is requesting entrance.. Panic seizes him and he jerks a hand up to claw at the tubes base. Sorry, kid., Peter snapped the arrow without even meaning to, and he winced and dropped it. Biometric readings showed Peter had been shot three times and was falling. Well be fine., Ned says bye and hangs up the call. Im dying, he decides, flushing the toilet and resting his forehead against the rim. See? Well, we had to bring something to eatits a long way to Pluto.. Wait, does that even make sense?, No, A dry voiceClint, Peter thoughtsaid. He barged through the door, flying through the lobby until he came skidding into the back room with a bang. They owned Thompson Incorperated, a business simmilar to Stark Industries before Afghanistan. Then the same is done to his jeans. Thats why I built so many safety features into that suit., Hey, guys, did you know that Captain America doesnt approve of bullying? Peter asked them as he webbed two of the men together and yanked anothers weapon out of his hands. Diazinon poisoning, Tony explains. He let a grin spread across his face, for he knew his dad would see too it that Ms. Egdirbmu wouldn't be his teacher again, not for another second. Tony helps Peter deal with some of the vulnerability involved with not being a genetically modified spider-kid anymore. Oh, wait. He pretended to rub his nonexistent beard in thought before lashing out again. After a beat, the sirens finally cut through the silence. Nico couldn't stand being at camp so he left. The one where Peter is being abused in the worst way, (warnings: physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Peter was getting his lunch out of his locker because Pepper packed him lunch today. Im more of a Granny Smith kinda guy.. Someone is cutting his clothing off of him. It's almost (?) And the 1 Time Tony didnt. 4697 guests You couldnt get more original than Spangles? Chapter 1 I cant think of things anymore apparently Im on His lungs burn from lack of oxygen. And no matter how hard he tries to keep these things from the Avengers, they're always going to find out. She growled. Peter wipes a hand across his face and sees shes telling the truth. (See the end of the work for more notes.). Make Way For Tomorrow by @the-great-escapism - Basically, recently-turned-homeless Peter Parker wins a science competition by entering a version of the web fluid he created for Spider-Man, but gets spooked and hightails it out of there before Tony can speak with him properly. Luckily, his comm still works. Pepper ran into the room just as the nurse continued. Tony Stark of all people came through. She put her hand out. done. Kid, how? Steve asked, watching Peter as he moved in a way that shouldnt be possible. how many people are going to die while he sits here, stuck? "Sorry kid, you got a nasty cut here." She shrugs. Flash begged. Peter's phone is unavailable and I cannot trace it's signal." Work Search: Isn't that what Deadpool calls you," Peter's eyes widen slightly. He showed up in his suit and flew you out and onto the jet and I just I couldnt even figure out how to get out of the stupid maze! (Peter is 13 and Tony & Steves son), The one time when Tony Stark gave hug to Ned Leeds byIcylightning. Terrified.. Tonys eyes flew open, and he rolled out of bed as he realised that was the emergency Avengers alarm. "~the office~"Principal Mortia you don't understand!" Peter is temporarily a non-enhanced individual. Fitting In (Tiny Spaces) byaloneintherain. 19. Peter bleeds out in a guinea pig enclosure at Morgans sixth birthday party. Yes, well I presume your husband is out making sure Eugene gets expelled?" The armoured truck can be seen off to the side, protruding through the railings on the edge of the bridge, front wheels hanging out over the river. It should really be more of an elementary school activity, but their teacher had argued something about team building experiences and first-hand knowledge of agriculture giving the school a potential advantage at the upcoming tournament. His back was strewn with smaller rocks and bits of metal, and Peter could see dark bloodstains seeping into the dust-strewn ground. Shit. Is it in here or not?. Mr. Stark was the one that brought you to the hospital." Peter Parker was unable to get out of the rubble and an exasperated and worried Tony Stark takes Peter to . Seriously? But here are a few faves: After being hit by a car, Peter is admitted to hospital and reconnects with someone from his childhood. 6. I feel like I should preface this with a reminder that we are talking about a franchise centered around a canonically sticky spider-child who can stop a bus with his bare hands, and his relationship with a man who once gave his past self a heart attack via intervention from a time-traveling ant-sized man and was subsequently zapped back to life by an Asgardian gods magic hammer, sothe bar is pretty low lmao. Its an unnerving sensationlike his lung capacity has suddenly shrunk and he can only get in half a breath at a time. The one time when Tony Stark gave hug to Ned Leeds, Pineapple Pizza and how it Saved Peters Life. Self explanatory but he is a Stark in all of them wether biological or adopted thought most of the time it will be adopted. Later, after the city was largely cleaned up and Captain America was stable, Mr. Stark approached Peter, who was sitting on top of a medical van, swinging his feet idly. In which the uprising star actor who plays Peter Parker aka Spider-M REQUESTS ARE OPEN FOR BOTH TOM HOLLAND AND PETER PARKER, just comment on a chapter and I'll do my b F! No thanks. Peter chuckled. God, you guys are slow, she says as soon as he answers. Ive got eyes on Cap, he announced to the general comm. Weird. He doesnt feel particularly warm, but hes soaked with sweat. He was so sore, so tired. But I've had this first chapter written for a while and I'm almost done with two others, so maybe having this published will motivate me? "Well why can't Peter Parker tell me that for himself?" "Give me everything you have." "Karen's last signal was at 3.07am. 17.2K 344 238. by JakeyP99. Chapter 5 [chap 2] 5 Times Peter Fell, and Tony caught him. [chap 2] 5 Times Peter Fell, and Tony caught him. Things like getting stabbed when he's just trying to protect people. Biometric readings showed Peter had been shot three times and was falling. Tony Stark groaned, and pulled a pillow over his head. Ned catches his meaning straight away. Now, he ordered. Please consider turning it on! Peter comes into contact with a foreign substance on a mission, and things only get worse from there. Why won't he answer my questions." "Oh, Ms. Egdirbmu you don't understand." He was spinning, tumbling, and turning out of control, being flung in every direction. "Captain America is hurt," Peter told the medic, jabbing a finger in the direction of the two Avengers. Im always careful!, Uh-huh, Mr. Stark said dryly. Chapter 14 Think Ill go do some inventory reports, Once Tony is out of sight and the door shuts behind him, Peter tugs down the mask for a second. So he was bleeding out in an alley and unable to stand up. Consequences By: Sweet Little Darling. left kudos on this work! The Vulture had slashed and grabbed at him, trying to catch him and throw him away, but Peter was persistent and held on. Hey, Karen. Peter said to his AI as he leaped past Hawkeye down to the streets below. Tony had missed him more than hed been ready to admit. Peter moves his hand to his chest, rubbing over his breastbone. Aunt May, it hurts, make it stop, please make it stop! No problem! mainly an excuse to write both fluff and angst (mostly angst very little fluff) with some fun sarcastic humor thrown in. "I'm writing you up." Was that? The nausea returns full force and he gags, then chokes. 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